Horned Lizard License Plates
Those Horned Lizard License Plates you see driving around town fund wildlife conservation.   Last year’s grant recipients included scientific research, habitat restoration projects, and projects that connected people with nature.   Apply for a grant by September 8!   http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/wild/wildlife_diversity/grants/horned-lizard
NTMN November 5 Monthly Meeting & Speaker
Tania Homayoun
"Christmas Bird Count and Audubon’s Climate Change Initiative"
Upcoming Public Events

Sat, Nov 22nd, @7:30am - 10:30AM:
Trinity Bird Count (VH)

Sat, Nov 22nd, @9:00am - 12:00PM:
Texas Discovery Gardens Workdays (VH)

Sat, Nov 22nd, @9:00am - 12:00PM:
Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center (DCAC) 4th Saturday Volunteer Morning (VH)

Sat, Nov 22nd, @10:00am - 12:00PM:
SWNP - Nature Walk - Birds, insects, plants, etc - led by Jim Varnum (FYI)

Sat, Nov 22nd, @10:00am - 12:00PM:
Dallas County Lepidopterists' Society Meeting (FYI)

Sat, Nov 22nd, @10:00am - 11:30AM:
Bats 101 - River Legacy Living Science Center )AT)

Sun, Nov 23rd, @1:00pm - 05:00PM:
Connemara Meadow Preserve - Open House (FYI)

Sun, Nov 23rd, @1:00pm - 04:00PM:
Twelve Hills Nature Center - Workdays (VH)

Tue, Nov 25th, @6:30pm - 08:30PM:
PTAS monthly meeting - "Owls among us" (AT)

Wed, Nov 26th, @8:30am - 12:00PM:
Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) (VH)


Consider Seedballs

 Birds, wind, rain....keep those seeds where you sowed them.  Make seedballs!